Scroll down for the recent newsletter.  It has information about Covid19 updates.  Currently we are not meeting.  2020 dues are being applied to your 2021 membership.  Facebook is the best place for the most up to date information.  

Please email with any questions or concerns and your email will be forwarded to someone who can help.

The Bronte Bee is still meeting at the Library.  Third Wednesday of the month from 1-4.

Anyone is welcome.  Next dates: Oct 21 and then Dec 16.  

The 2021 quilt show is on the books for September 24th & 25th

The Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria welcomes you!

We are quilters and quilt lovers!  Join our monthly meetings which are open to the public!

We enjoy sharing our love of quilting and art with each other and usually have programs that are fun and interesting!

Explore our web site to find out more about us and our activities! 

We have an annual quilt show to fund our activities and display our craft.  It's in the planning stages for next year so we will have more later in the year about this event.

About our guild

Our Roots

The Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria is steeped in tradition for the 30+ years of its existence.  Founded in 1983, it encompasses the talents of some 100 members who have kept the idea alive that a group of fabric/fiber artists can learn from each other and create a forum where new creativity can be nurtured and taught. The Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria has beginner members as well as others who have been with the group since its beginning. We are always looking for new members who want to learn more about the art or bring their fresh perspective.

The quilt industry has changed much in the past 30 years. Fabrics and fibers in vivid colors can be made into traditional quilts or morphed into the modern movement where the quilts would not be recognized by the grandmothers of the past. Today the quilter has access to tools such as internet learning channels on You Tube, Craftsy, computerized quilting machines, precut fabrics, Pinterest, and the list goes on.

The ages of the quilt artists are so diverse that there is something for everyone. It’s no wonder that quilting art is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The International Quilt Festival and QuiltCon are two national events that showcase the smorgasbord of creations that the current

fiber artists are creating.

Get the latest club news each month by downloading our newsletter—the Patchword.  The October 2020 issue is now available.

Quilt Guild Member Challenge!

One of the show traditions is to host a challenge event for guild members.  Each member purchased a kit that included two feature fabrics.  This years fabrics were an orange and a mulitcolor blue/teal/green print.  We had 12 entries.  We welcome you to vote for your favorite.  Click on the link below to see pictures and see how to vote.  

The 2021 show "Memories In the Making" is  scheduled for September 24th & 25th. I am leaving the 2020 forms open, you have plenty of time to make a quilt!


Anyone may come as a guest or visitor for three meetings.  However, after attending three (3) meetings, you should join and pay the appropriate dues before the next meeting.


Our members pay annual membership dues of $25.00 per person or $20.00 per person for a senior citizen (anyone over 60 years of age).


Members who join on or after July 1 only pay one-half of the annual fees.


Any member in good standing who reaches the age of 90(and admits to it)  will be awarded a lifetime


Contact Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria

PO Box 3164, Victoria, TX  77904

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Member Page

Items of special interest to our members!

Here you can get clubs forms and other information of special interest to members!


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