Download information including
Forms/By-laws/Lists, etc.

In-Kind Form

Record your timeand/or dollars spent on guild activities.


Can't find your book!  Here are the current by-laws.

Exemption form for merchants

Here's the form to take to merchants for sales tax exemption when purchasing items for guild.

Deposit form

Complete this form prior to giving the treasurer your deposits for the guild.

Expense Form

Use for reimbursement from treasurer.

By-Laws Revision 2018

Here are the revisions to the 208 By-Laws as approved by the membership.

Officers/Committee Chairs

Here are the officers and committee chairs for 2021

Exemption Letter

Here's a copy of the sales tax exemption letter which you can download and take to merchants when making purchases.

Photo Archive

Home Depot

View meeting photos.  View archive of past donation quilts.

Get the Home Depot Tax Free Id card.

Tax ID Card

Get the Tax ID card for Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Office Depot.


May:  Kathy Sheeran, Lynn Miori, Una Mae Jones

June: Caroline DeLaVega, Joyce Brown, Lydia Polanch

July:  Rachel Gotcher, Irene Cortez, Mary Jo Poole

August:  Debbie Ganem, Penny Swan, Pat Powell

September:  Sue Cozby, Walley Castaneda, Karen Hicks

October:  Kat Kelly, Kathy Rodriguez, Betty Edwards

November:  Doreta Keith, Anna Harrison, Blanche DeLeon